Edmonton Home Builders Report the Signs of an Approaching Hot Market

Edmonton builders are reporting a increase in supply, which is welcomed as a shortage of new listings has caused a spike in home prices. Some existing Edmonton home prices across the region were up 13.6% in September from a year ago as supply was short in almost every region.

The existing-homes market is in short supply so we’ve gone from a buyers market to sellers says the report.

October housing starts for Edmonton new homes total region rose close to 55% during this same time period last year, according to figures released Monday by Canada Mortgage and Housing Corp.

Our housing market’s surprising turnaround is spreading to new-home construction because the market is responding to a supply shortage that has sent pricing soaring for existing homes. All this increase in building of new homes in the Edmonton

region will likely not be quick enough to help with the demand for new homes being pumped up by record low interest rates.

Despite this increase for Edmonton home builders, this new housing activity, the 4,560 starts recorded to date this year, are still behind construction in the first 10 months of 2008. Housing starts across Alberta’s seven largest cities totalled 2,179 homes in October alone, up 29.5 per cent from October 2008.

Edmonton home builders are on schedule to start building on 5,000 homes, 24% down from last year reported the 2009 Housing Market Outlook for the Edmonton census metropolitan area.

It was the best October since 2006 for single-detached homes. Edmonton home builders poured foundations for 598 homes in October, up 168%. So far this year, 2,844 single-detached homes were started, up 30 % from the qual period of last year..

Builders in Edmonton are now experiencing the fourth consecutive month that total housing starts have surpassed year-earlier levels.

Home-ownership costs are likely to rise in 2010 as mortgage rates have hit rock bottom and prices are set to rise, all reports say. A 2009 new single-detached home in Edmonton will be an average of $535,000, up 4.5 % from 2008. Reports are predicting that the average price will soften in 2010 by 2.8 per cent to $520,000 because of a “lagged effect” of when homes are priced and when they are completed.

In rentals, across the board vacancy rates across Greater Edmonton will continue to trend up this year. Landlords should see this change for the better in 2010, based on the economic conditions continuing to improve the report said.

Home Builder Marketing Tips

Searching for the right home can be a lengthy and stressful process. Buyers, builders and sales agents are often forced to deal with each other for weeks, sometimes months. It can be difficult for contractors and agents to set boundaries and maintain a beneficial working relationship, but it is imperative for the success of their business. Creating happy clients is the equivalent of free advertising; word of mouth is powerful publicity. Buyers who are fully satisfied at the end of the home search process are capable of generating a great deal of future business for builders and sales agents.

There are several approaches to referrals. They can happen naturally, as happy clients start spreading the word. In order for this to occur, builders must take an honest approach. Being straightforward with a potential buyer is the best way for a builder or sales agent to earn respect and trust. If there are problems with the home – or future trouble is anticipated, as in the case of new construction – the buyer has the right to this information. By attempting to conceal shortcomings, builders and agents run the risk of scaring off potential clients and referrals. Communication is key; the happier the client, the better the recommendation.

Meeting and managing the needs of buyers is imperative. A buyer who has a great experience with a builder or agent will forward every detail to family members, friends, co-workers and acquaintances. However, the same rule applies for a bad experience. Regardless of the events that take place or how challenging a buyer becomes, contractors and sales agents need to remain fixated on the power of referral. It does not take long for one outstanding company to become admired in a particular neighborhood and surrounding areas following one successful transaction.

Many builders and agents find it beneficial to implement a referral program. This provides buyers with incentive to spread positive information about the business or company. The motivation can include anything from a future discount to a cash bonus. Clients are very likely to refer their contractor or sales agent to others if it will result in an additional bonus. It is also a great way to keep buyers happy straight through to the end of the project and remind them that their opinions are valued.

With technology at the realm, there is no limit to the influence of online referrals. Several websites exist that encourage clients to leave feedback about a particular company, which can result in either positive or negative exposure. In any case, responses spread like wildfire. Thanks to the Internet, buyers are now able to recommend their builder or agent to complete strangers, creating not only a valuable reference to the world of home buying and building, but also a huge resource for referrals.

Every successful builder and agent flourishes for the same reason; they have worked hard to make a name for themselves and their efforts are appreciated and acknowledged by those involved in their projects. By creating a pleasurable experience for buyers, contractors and sales agents can reap the rewards for months and years to come. A happy buyer equals great response, and great response leads to great referrals.

Custom Home Builder Website SEO and Possibilities for Web Interaction Before Construction Starts

Custom home builders utilize personalized and customizable building plans to construct residential and business properties according to the needs and ideas of their clients who equally participate in the creation and design of these homes. Their projects include multiple sizes and architectural form solutions to create a building that can will incorporate personal requests or input of people who are intended users of these homes in the future, when they are built and ready to be inhabited. Some people tend to think that custom builders only deal with large projects involving luxury homes or expensive mansions, in reality, today’s custom construction companies offer a variety of small-scale projects and provide free form design and expert information suitable for all kinds of construction plans and budget considerations. These custom form building companies also create demand for smaller markets and small-scale client base which will form a foundation of high quality and low cost solution in virtually any climate or geographic area.

From this perspective, the importance of professional web advertisement using search engine optimization techniques for the website is obvious when custom home builders look for ways to expand and promote their business of custom design and site construction and position themselves on the local market ahead or even free of competition.

The advantages of using HTML-based and keyword link interface to generate considerable traffic to the contractor’s website are in that the company can describe what they do and how they do custom construction based on resources and people they have and familiarize interested individuals with the scope and magnitude of construction projects they can perform. When potential client enters keywords or phrases online that determine what kind of information the client is looking for on the website, the builder’s company’s site will provide a link to the exact answer to the needs of people building their new home or renovating existing premises.

Depending on local area and neighbourhoods, the website based advertisement using SEO for Google and other popular online engines and creating interface for potential buyers to look into options of customizing their planned construction activities, creates opportunities for commercial companies to find work in the area that is designed with consumer in mind. This online advertising model allows flexible work planning and very versatile relationship with potential client because the keyword search for the website connects contractor and buyer by means of predetermined conditions and incorporation of client’s voice from very early stages of site design and construction makes custom solutions truly customized with communication and website search process for thousands of plans and drawing for the contractor, client and local community.

This type of creative online marketing which encompasses all angles of technical knowledge is very different from the rigid and all-in-one non-web approach that other methods of advertisement and leads generation might have. By constantly tuning and adjusting content details of the project agreement, commercial building companies become able to turn their service into a completely new and exciting website hosting idea.